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Kids Full Day Summer Camp

Ballet has many benefits for home-schooled students
kids summer camp

Kids Full Day Summer Camp San Diego With Little Rascalz Soccer & Dance To EvOLvE

Little Rascalz Soccer & Dance To EvOLvE

Little Rascalz and Dance To EvOLvE have partnered to offer a full-day summer camp, which means double the fun for your camper and half the work for you. Camps are drop off 🙂 Enjoy! 

Kids Ages:

Must be potty trained. Great for Boys and Girls!

The Day:

Soccer in the morning from 9:00 – 12:00, then the kids eat lunch during the break, and then hip hop dance & stuff in the afternoon in the cool air conditioned rec center.

Dance To EvOLvE's afternoon camps:

Rainbow Unicorn Dance Camp: Join a magical adventure and make friends in our Rainbow Unicorn Dance Camp. Your camper will dance, leap and soar to create a true unicorn experience.

2020 Schedule:

Carmel Valley Recreation Center:

8/10/20 – 8/14/20

Beat Breaker’s Hip Hop Camp (4-8 yrs) 9:00 – 12:00

Lunch supervised with teacher & register for afternoon camp.

Friday family show @ 11:30

Carmel Valley Recreation Center:

8/10/20 – 8/14/20

Little Rascalz Soccer or Dance In the Morning

Rainbow Unicorn Dance Camp (3-7 yrs) 1:00 – 4:00 

Friday family show @ 3:30

Registration (and the kinda confusing part):

We promise this is the only tricky part!  To take part in the full-day summer camp at Ocean Air or Carmel Valley, you will need to register separately for both half-day camps.

To register for full day at Ocean Air, please register separately for the two half day camps:

Register for soccer here: $TBC

Register for dance here: $178

Please Pack For The Full-Day Summer Camp for Kids:

Download The Ultimate Camp Guide For Your Dancer