Dance To EvOLvE

Kids Full Day Summer Camp

Ballet has many benefits for home-schooled students

Kids Full Day Summer Camp San Diego With
Little Rascalz Soccer & Dance To EvOLvE

Little Rascalz and Dance To EvOLvE have partnered to offer a full-day summer camp option, which means double the fun for your camper and half the work for you. Camps are drop off. ūüôā Enjoy!¬†

Kids' Ages:

3-7 years. Must be potty trained. Great for Boys and Girls!

The Day:

One camp will be in the morning from 9:00 – 12:00, then the kids eat lunch during the break (with supervision), and then the other camp takes over in the afternoon.

Little Rascalz Soccer camps:

Little Rascalz portion will be soccer plus lots of other super duper summer camp like activities; Including water balloon games, T-Shirt decorating, and our now famous ‘Bear hunt’ & Pirate day!

Dance To EvOLvE camps:

Dance To EvOLvE has various fun themed camps throughout the summer.  Check out the full camp schedule to see the theme at your closest location that is being offered in partnership with Little Rascalz Soccer.

2022 Schedule:

There are multiple full day camp options this summer at various locations.  Check out the full schedule here.

Registration (and the kinda confusing part):

We promise this is the only tricky part!  To take part in the full-day summer camp with Dance To EvOLvE and Little Rascalz Soccer, you will need to register separately for both half-day camps. Register for Little Rascalz portion of the camp Here.

Register early as limited spaces are reserved for all-day summer campers.

Please Pack For The Full-Day Summer Camp for Kids: