Kids Hip Hop Classes

Hip Hop Dance is a category of dance that encompasses a variety of urban styles. The primary styles within this wide range include but are not limited to: breaking, locking and popping. Hip Hop dance is not a studio-evolved style and saw no formal beginning, instead, it was developed on the street in urban neighborhoods.  Hip hop can come in many different styles with a variety of music…find an age appropriate hip hop class for your dancer! Check out our hip hop classes available for ages 2-12 for children, tween or middle school hip hop dance classes.

A Brief History of Hip Hop:

Did you know? Hip Hop Fun Facts:

How To Find Appropriate Children's Hip Hop Classes:

We know that parents can have some hesitations about children hip hop classes, especially hip hop classes for tweens or classes for middle school hip hop dance due to stereotypes connected with this style…but with the right teacher and hip hop class, children and tween dance classes can be fun and beneficial!  

With the hip hop stereotypes, it is easy for people to assume that a certain level of inappropriateness is involved as the age group gets older for tweens or middle school hip hop. This may be the case with some teachers and studios if they are not taking the time to consider what is and isn’t age appropriate. Just like any program your family is involved with, it is always a good idea to ask some questions to ensure it the right fit for what you are looking for the hip hop dance classes for your child, tween or middle schooler. Here is what to look for in children’s hip hop classes: (and what Dance To EvOLvE focuses upon)

Exposing your dancer to something neither of you are ready for is never a good idea but middle school hip hop and hip hop for tweens dance classes can be an amazing experience that does wonders for your child’s confidence.  After participating in the right hip hop dance class, kids should be sweaty, happy, and self-assured from learning something that presented the right amount of challenge mixed with fun.

Asking questions is key to negating drama in the dance studio

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