the best kids dance program

What makes Dance To EvOLvE the best kids dance program in San Diego?

With the “reality tv” that you may have seen is an exaggerated view of what the dance world can be, Dance To EvOLvE prides itself on bringing high quality kids dance classes without the stress and drama that is often within many dance studios.  We are dedicated to our our mission ‘to evolve our students through dance while creating heart-warming smiles!'” as we offer the best dance classes for our focused age-group.   

What makes Dance To EvOLvE unlike other studios in San Diego?  

1. Amazing Teachers

We believe it’s the teacher that makes the difference, that creates the best dance classes for children. A young dancer doesn’t need the fancy studio, dance floor or mirrors to fall in love with dance…they need a great teacher. Unlike other studios who often hire excellent dancers, Dance To EvOLvE knows that not all great dancers make great dance teachers to create the best dance classes. We hire the best children dance teachers to make us the best dance studio.

It takes passion and a special skill set to work with the age group that we do (particularly ages 2-6), and our teachers have the passion and ‘X’ factor when it comes to loving and having the ability to work with children.  Only teachers who exhibit patience, energy, imagination, and a sincere affection for children and who want to provide the best kids dance class become a part of the Dance To EvOLvE team.  See blog on what makes a great dance teacher.

We invest a lot of time in our teachers through various and unique professional development opportunities so that we can be the best dance studio for children dance classes. All teachers have been handpicked and mentored by the EvOLvE Lead Teachers to ensure each individual is providing the best dance class for your dancer. We are committed to continually improving as a team and as individual dance teachers.

2. Age Appropriate Dance Curriculum

New EvOLvE teachers participate in a teacher training before taking on their own classes and we all do an annual professional development class.  This continuous training ensures that our teachers are always growing and improving, which is what sets Dance To EvOLvE a part from other studios to offer the best kids classes.  Our teachers also follow the copyrighted EvOLvE curriculum which gives enough flexibility for the teacher to adapt to specific class needs while also utilizing their own teaching strengths, while also ensuring that our classes are learning progressive, age appropriate movement and technique. 

We take it even a step further, each teacher prepares for their classes ahead of time so there is no ‘winging’ it in class.   Although all our teachers follow the same class structure and format, they obviously have different personalities and teaching styles that will suit different dancers.  

We know that young dancers need to stay moving, and we want you to get your full money’s worth. This is why we strive for as little downtime as possible during dance class. The more movement the better! 

* Dance To EvOLvE specializes in providing the best dance classes for children. This is what we have studied and perfected, which is what makes our classes so great for your young dancers! Balancing learning with fun is the name of the game!

3. Learning Through Laughter

There are many studios in San Diego which are heavily involved in the competitive dance scene, starting as young as 5 years old.  While we understand that draw, we know that many of our dancers may not want or thrive in a competitive environment. We focus on learning through laughter so dancers develop a love for dance and establish a strong foundation in dance education.

4. Flexible and Accommodating Structure

No drama, no pressure, no stress. It isn’t about being the best dancer, it’s about evolving into the best person a child can be through dance.  Read our blog of how to avoid dance academy drama

We know life can be hectic with children, and we cater our make-up policy to our families.

 We know children grow like weeds, which is why we do not require any specific dance wear attire.  Our dress code is ‘dance attire’ so children still understand they are coming to a structured class versus playtime, but it isn’t breaking your budget. And…leotards, tights, tutus all add to the fun!

We offer an annual spring recital which is encouraged but not required without all the pressure, drama and fees that can often come with other dance studios.  We make it a fun and memorable day for everyone involved that also stays within your budget.

5. We Want To Hear From You

To offer the best kids dance classes and to be the best kids dance studio, it is always important to be in touch with our families.  For good or for bad, we want to hear from you.  Having your insight and feedback will allow us to continually improve so that you are always confident that your dancer is getting the best kids dance class through a fun, age-appropriate curriculum.  We also understand that it goes beyond the class curriculum to be the best kids dance studio and includes many other facets such as communication, teacher availability, class structure, performances, behavior, etc.