Dance To EvOLvE

The Royalty Of Fairyland

Summer Dance Camp In Cleveland

Preschool & Kingergarten Kids Ages:

A camp for dancing princes and princesses in an enchanted land far, far away.  Have a ball in the dance class, art projects suited for a prince and princess, a fairyland skit, and fun dancing games.  Your prince or princess can let their imagination dance free within this magical camp.

The 11:30AM Friday mini-show in Cleveland is for families, allowing these princes and princesses to show off their dancing, acting, and art creations that they’ve completed during this preschool and kindergarten summer camp.

Ages: 3-6 (Ages may vary by location.) 

Great for Princes and Princesses!

Monday-Friday, Half-Day Camp, Performance on Friday

Approximately one-hour dance class and games with fairy and princess themed music.

Bathroom Break

Skit & Music Time

Snack time with tea parties and story time. 

(Please do not pack nuts or messy snacks.)

Bathroom Break

Outdoor Activity/ Games

Themed Arts & Crafts

Friday Show During The Last 30-Minutes Of Camp. (Wear your favorite royal outfit!)

Download The Ultimate Camp Guide For Your Dancer

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Parent's Corner:

“I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how pleased I was with my preschooler’s summer camp experience last week. My two daughters both attended Miss Jenny’s preschool summer camp at the rec center. From a parent perspective, I was thoroughly impressed with the week. The performance on the last day was really amazing in showing ALL that they accomplished in one week’s time. The fact that they knew an entire tap routine, could do their individual ballet performance and incorporated the instruments and puppets as well, was no small feat in such a short amount of time!” -A Parent of a Creative Explorer Preschooler Camper

Please Pack The Following For Your Prince/Princess In This Summer Dance Camp:

Dates at Cleveland Locations for The Royalty Of Fairyland's Summer Camp:

Cleveland Preschool & Kindergarten Summer Camp Registration:

Please register directly through the site where you would like to attend the preschool and kindergarten summer camp and activities.