2020 Annual Recital "Leaping To The Legends"

With Dance To EvOLvE

For general information about our recital,

  • Recital Date : Original Date of 6/14 postponed, TBD after COVID-19 updates
  • Dress Rehearsal : TBD (staggered check-in times TBD)
  • Performance : Leaping To The Legends
  • Place : Hawken Upper School, 12465 County Line Rd, Gates Mills, OH 44040
  • Parking : Free in parking lot
  • Fees : No dancer participation fee, just a costume fee of $45. (You get to keep your costume!)

Step 1: Understand What The Recital Is So That You Feel


An event such as the recital is often a ‘first’ for many families and their young dancer.  Our recital is a celebration, not a competition. We want everyone feeling comfortable, confident and excited! Dance To EvOLvE has specialized in this age group for over 10-years. We create a fun, inviting, age-appropriate and non-intimidating recital day for our dancers and families to remember.

When the costume is delivered in class in May, it will include a costume letter that will explain all the details you need. Including: costume care and instructions, hair & make-up tips, safety procedures and show times. 

Tip:  Be flexible and plan nap and meal times accordingly so we get the best out of our dancers.

Step 2: Do you need to register?

All dancers participating in the recital must order a costume. We carefully select each class’s costume keeping in mind our dancer’s age, gender and of course, the theme! We want our dancers looking great while everyone feels confident and comfortable.

Recital Registration:

Order Your Dancer’s Costume Here   (Deadline 4/17, after, additional $20 late fee if costume is still available.)

Costume Fee:


Dance Recital Costume Information:

  • Costumes are chosen by the EvOLvE team based on age, appropriateness, cuteness, availability of styles/sizes and budget. Costumes may change without notice due to out-of-stock issues.
  • Everything is included in costume fee except shoes. You keep it all!
  • There are no refunds or costume returns because costumes are non-returnable to the costume vendors.
  • Please note that costumes are ordered in available sizes, consequently families are responsible for any needed alterations.
  • When doing costume sizing, remember this is 2-3 months from now, so round up.

Step 3: Know Important Dates About The Recital

  • February 10 : Recital Registration Opens.
  • March 9-21 : All students will be measured in class for the recital costume.
  • March 15 : Volunteer Registration Is Open. Volunteer Here! (coming soon)
  • April 17 : Last Day For Recital Registration (After 4/17, additional $20 late fee if costume is still available.)
  • April-June : Attendance in class is especially important so dancers can learn their dance with confidence
  • Mid-May : Teachers will post recital choreography online on the EvOLvE YouTube channel so that students can practice at home.
  • May : Costumes will be distributed in class as they arrive throughout May. Costume letter will be included which will include all the details that you need to know about show day and discussed during parent meeting
  • May 22 : Volunteer Registration Closes
  • June 14 : Annual Recital @ 3:00 (With Dress Rehearsal Beforehand)
  • Mid-June : Summer Session Starts With Classes and Camps starting on 6/22/20

Step 4: Volunteer & Tickets


To make a fun successful day for our dancers, we need one class mom per class.  We also need a photographer.  Please email us if interested.


  • Cash On The Day
  • Adults : $8
  • 6-15 years : $4
  • 5 years and under : Free

Step 5: Practice At Home

All teachers will film each class’ recital dance so that your dancer can practice at home and build his/her confidence.

Practice Video Release :

Coming Soon

Photography/ Videography :

Please note that photography and videography during the show is not allowed in the interest of the dancers’ safety and enjoyment of all audience guests.  We will have volunteer photographers at all the shows that will provide free pictures emailed to you after the event. There will also be a staged photo-shoot area for class pictures and family photos that you can use after the show.

Step 6: Questions? Wonder If Your Dancer Is Ready?

Ask Us!

We specialize in this age group and happy to talk about with you about your dancer.  If you have any questions or concerns, we are here to help! Please contact us.

Questions About Recital? Wondering If Your Dancer Is Ready?

Just Ask Us!

(440) 379-0682