Dance To EvOLvE

After School & Girl Scout Programs
for Kids in Cleveland

Enhance your during, before, or after school program for kids with Dance To EvOLvE in the Cleveland area by choosing the program that is right for your students:

dance to evolve


This one-of-a-kind student directed leadership dance after school program that allows the kids to call the dancing shots.
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After School Programs for 3rd – 12th

Flexible after school programs to fit your schedule and budget.


Our talented dance teachers are also true dancers that will teach & inspire your kids.

Hip-Hop, Jazz, Modern, Ballet

End-of-session performance.
All Grades.

Flexible after school programs to fit your schedule and budget.


Offer dance and music classes at your daycare or preschool.  Our 45-minute once a week classes create a fun, high-energy, and safe environment.

Pre-School & Daycares More Information

Parent Paid or School Paid

After School Program Pricing

Programs throughout Cleveland can either be parent paid (enrollment based), funded through the school with grants, the PTA or fundraising, or a combination of parent paid and school funding.

School funded programs are based on $155-$175/hour. (Pricing is dependent on location, length and frequency of program.)

Want More Information?

Contact Brittany for more details on after school dance programs for kids.


Is your Girl Scout troop looking to earn a new badge or try out an exciting new activity? Why not dance?!

Similar to Girl Scouts, Dance To EvOLvE strives to develop leadership, confidence, individuality, communication, teamwork, respect and responsibility.  This is seen in EvOLvE’s mission statement to develop life-skills and personal character through your creativity.  

Dance To EvOLvE would love to team up with your troop to plan a program to fit your needs, whether that be to earn a badge or to simply have fun!

We are also happy to work with you to customize the perfect dance program for your troop. Note: Programs can be catered specifically to earn the “Art of Ballet” badge.

Girl Scout programs are priced similar to private parties between $155-$175/hour. (Pricing is dependent on location, length and frequency.)

dance to evolve
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