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It's Party Time
Book an EvOLvE dance party for birthdays, holiday parties, Bar Mitzvahs, family reunions…whenever there is dancing fun to be had. Click here for kid’s party locations in Chicago.
Holiday Party Theme

Want to spice up your holidays with some fun? Dance to EvOLvE can host holiday parties for you!  We can do Christmas, Easter, Fourth of July or other special events including Bar mitzvahs, family reunions or end of the school year parties. (Additional fee may apply)

Corporate Parties

Don’t want to leave your child at home with a sitter while you attend your work party? Not a problem! Have EvOLvE come to your work party and host a dance lesson for the kids!  This allows for your to have the comfort of knowing you are right next door to one another while still both having a blast!

Choose a party idea...

from below… or let us know if you have another dance party theme already planned! We can cater to your theme idea with music and dancing moves. (Additional fee may apply)

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Party Theme Ideas

Superhero Party Idea

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a dancing Superhero!  This is a fun, high energy kid’s party idea in Chicago that is catered towards the unmatched energy of a hero or heroine. Superheroes will get to learn hip hop dancing powers while having a blast. Here is your Superhero’s chance to save the day!  (It is a great idea to include the dance party on the invitation so that all children can come dressed as their favorite superhero!
Recommended For Kids Ages: 3-8 years

kids summer camp

The Royalty of Fairyland

We will create an enchanted land of dancing princes and princesses in a land far, far away for this fun party idea. Crowns, magic wands, glitter, and stickers are used to create this magical time.  Pictures and costumes are encouraged for this kid’s party idea in Chicago.
Recommended For Kids Ages: 2-8 years

Hip Hop Party

Everyone will be moving to the latest music in this high-energy kid’s party idea in Chicago that includes a fun warm-up with basic hip-hop moves and a choreographed routine to be performed for parents at the end of class. This dance class is sure to be a hit with all ages and boys and girls! All kids will get to perform at the end of the class for each other and parents…a for sure fun party idea in Chicago! (It is a great idea to include show time on the party invitation so that all parents can come and see the big show!)
Recommended For Kids Ages: 6 & up

Kids On The Move

This exciting, fast paced kid’s party enables boys to be boys and girls to be girls. This non-stop class includes basic hip-hop moves, tumbling (if space and age is appropriate), dance games and use of imagery and props such as parachutes, tunnels, and dancing ribbons. Specific class activities will be catered to the average age of dancers.  Stickers given to all participants. 
Recommended For Kids Ages: 2-8 years

Lights, Camera, Action!

This unique party enables participants to become the choreographers! Dancers will work in groups to choose their desired songs and then work together to choreograph a dance. Everyone will get to perform at the end of the class for each other and parents! (It is a great idea to include show time on the invitation so that all parents can come and see the big show!)
Recommended For Kids Ages: 6 & up

Party Layout & Pricing

Party Layout

Typical Duration: 45-minutes

Ice Breaker Warm-Up:

Get to know your birthday party guests through a creative game where the teacher will highlight any guest of honor.  (ie: The birthday girl or boy)

Birthday Dance Party Time:

The EvOLvE teacher will host a fun dancing warm-up to get everyone moving.

Movin’ & Groovin’ Time:

Dancers will practice their moves by dancing across the floor, striking their favorite moves or ones they just learned.

Dancing Break-Time:

Participate in a dancing obstacle course to get all the wiggles and jiggles out.

Routine Time:

Kids will be taught age-appropriate dance choreography relating to the theme of the birthday party to perform for parents.

Time to Shine:

Dancers will be able to perform for the parents.

Dancing Game Time:

Kids will play fun dance games such as freeze dance.

Birthday Boy/Girl Dance:

The birthday girl/boy will get a special song highlighting their special day.

Party Pricing

For one teacher to come to your location, a dance party ranges between $155 – $175 for a 45-minute party. (Gratuity is not included or required, but appreciated.)
A second teacher is an additional $30 based on availability.

Children's Dance Party Add-On Fees:

How Do I Pay?

Payment Options:

Please note:

Parties are not confirmed on teacher’s schedule until payment is received. Party bookings must be confirmed by payment 7 days after the quote is provided. See policies for more info.