Dance to EvOLvE


Party Pricing At Your Location:

  • Any party booked with the Chicago Manager (Miss Laura) is an additional $50.
  • There is an $10 automatic additional charge for any party scheduled for Saturday mornings before 1:00pm or anytime on Sunday.
  • There is a $10 add-on fee for a birthday party theme request that is not on EvOLvE’s list that includes specific requested music OR specific choreography. (A $20 add-on fee will be added for BOTH music and choreography.) This choreography add-on fee goes directly to the teacher to compensate for additional preparation time.
  • Additional fees for holiday weeks & weekends.
  • Additional fees may apply for location and distance.
  • Additional pro-rated charges will be applied for parties longer than 45-minutes.
  • Any changes made to the party request after the confirmation email has been approved, will incur a $25 admin fee.
  • See late fees, refunds, and other policies.

Party Pricing At Pilsen Studio:

$110/hour with a 2-hour minimum

Add-On Fees:  * Dance To EvOLvE will provide and host craft activity: $50
                 * 45-minute Class: $100 (Your choice: dance, soccer, yoga, music & more.)
                 * See party agreement for additional fees when applicable

Payment via credit card confirms booking.

How do I pay?

Payment options:

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