Kid's Hip Hop Classes In Chicago

Hip Hop Dance is a type of dance that uses a wide range of urban styles. The most common styles within this range include but are not limited to: breaking, locking and popping. Hip Hop dance is not a studio-evolved format of dance and had no formal beginning; instead, it was created on the street in urban neighborhoods. Check out our children’s and tween hip hop classes available for ages 2-12.

A Brief History of Hip Hop:

  • Black and Latino Americans were the starters of uprock and breaking in the Bronx in New York, whereas Black Americans in California created locking, popping, roboting, boogalo and locking - or the funk style
  • Hip Hop dancing became really well known in the 1970s after the first professional street-based dance crews formed in the USA
  • In the 1980s, hip hop social dancing was starting to develop, with beginner and fad dances such as the Roger Rabbit, the Cabbage Patch, and the Worm becoming widely popularized

Hip Hop Fun Facts:

  • The word hip hop means popular urban youth culture
  • Get moving! You can sweat off up to 388 calories in 60 minutes of dancing.Dance is a Sport!

Kid's Hip Hop Classes Can Be Age-Appropriate & Fun!

With the right teacher and children’s class or hip hop for tweens, hip hop dance classes aren’t just for booty-poppers….so let’s de-bunk some of the stereotypes about younger and middle school hip hop classes so your child can get dancing!  

It is easy for people to assume that a certain level of inappropriateness is involved in children’s hip hop classes with their associated stereotypes. But this doesn’t need to be the case if the teachers and studios are taking the time to consider what is and isn’t age appropriate. As with any program, it is important to feel comfortable with what you are enrolling your child in, so get educated and know what questions to ask so you and your dancer are feeling good about the hip hop choice you are making for your child in a hip hop class for tweens or middle school hip hop.

What to look for in teenage hip hop classes and what Dance To EvOLvE focuses upon:

  • Does the class use music that is fun, high energy but age-appropriate? There should be a difference in the music for the younger ages versus the the tweens hip hop dance class and middle school hip hop.
  • Is the teacher a positive role model, teaching age-appropriate movement and inspiring your child to move more instilling confidence and other life-skills?
  • How does the teacher go above and beyond during the children's and tween hip hop dance class to incorporate life-skills?
  • Is the hip hop movement about having fun and creating a positive message?
  • Overall, does the children's or tween hip hop dance class you are considering seem professional and family friendly? Is it a welcoming, non-intimating environment.

Children’s hip hop and hip hop for tweens and middle school hip hop dance classes can be an amazing experience that does wonders for your teen’s confidence, coordination, musicality, social skills, etc.  After participating in the right teen hip hop dance class, teenagers should be sweaty, happy, and self-assured from learning something that presented the right amount of challenge mixed with fun.

Dance To EvOLvE Offers:

Baby Boppers (2-3 yrs)

Beat Breakers (4-7 yrs)

Hip Hop (8-12 yrs)

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