Dance To EvOLvE

Dance To EvOLvE is unique as a mobile dance company as we do not have only ‘one’ studio throughout the area. All of our classes are located in various venues around ChicagoSan Diego and Cleveland.  Through our great teachers, we offer exciting classes in recreation centers, schools and other venues, specializing in children from the ages of 14 months – 12 years.  We are a team who is deeply passionate about what we do!

Our mission is to evolve our students through dance while creating heart-warming smiles!  

Our vision is to become parents’ #1 choice for their children’s dance classes.

There's so many fun things to in San Diego with the kids

Our Philosophy​!

Your Choices.

* Specializing In Children’s Classes Near You! 

* Multiple Class Styles, Birthday Parties, Camps & School Programs. 

* Affordable pricing options. Affordable & optional annual recital. No registration fee.  No dance competitions or the fees that come with them. 

* Flexible dress code. Easy class make-up policy.

Our Knowledge.

EvOLvE believes it’s the teacher that makes the difference. Each one is carefully chosen by their experience, passion, professionalism, and bubbliness! 

Small student ratios, curriculum goals, and ongoing teacher trainings all come together to create our progressive and age appropriate classes. This ensures that your dancer is in the best learning environment possible.

Their Fun!

Our talented teachers create warm, welcoming classes that balance learning with fun so that our dancers are always improving with a smile and a giggle! Fun props and creative imagery add to the nonstop class energy!